To all from Gwen


I have been living a mothers worst nightmare; it has been made more comforting knowing that there are so many people who care about my sweet little girl, and are concerned for her welfare. 

First, thank you for being here for my Sebastien, Juliet and our Rosemund.  Sebastien is out of the hospital and although recovering from a shock to his sixth crarnial nerve (his right eye is in a locked position) The ophthalmologists at children's says it will correct on its own. 

Juliet is having the time of her life.  She smashes her cast around (broken wrist) like she's Hellboy and waves it around like a trophy. 

I am fortunate to have my sister nearby and grandpa so I can focus all of my attention on rosie.  I have not left her side.  The doctors say her blood pressure and other functions change when I talk to her so we have been doing a lot of , reading, singing and praying.  She's been making some movements (she doesn't like being suctioned and kicks out her legs- a hopeful sign actually). 

An update: Since then, the neuro team felt comfortable enough to take out her bolt measuring intracranial pressure which stayed pretty normal thank God.  She has had reactive pupils and responds to certain stimuli but she is heavily sedated with fentanyl and versed so until those go down, a frank examination of her neurological status is not feasible. Unfortunately, we have to wait till at least Thursday when the genius (and I'm not kidding) cardio thoracic surgeon dr. Mitchell decides her trachea and thorax won't be compromised.  The broncospy they did yesterday he said looked very promising for a Thursday lowering of sedation. 

The MRI results of today show some problems especially with diffuse spots (that may be transient) and a small portion of the right frontal lobe ; however, we have to spend a tension filled night waiting to talk to neurology to find out what that means but the chief neurosurgeon, while warning me it'll take months upstairs in rehab, said he has seen good outcomes with injuries such as this but the reading was cursory and not enough to go off of. 

I will be living with rosie during her months in rehab.  Boeing is a good company and will pit me on a leave of absence for pretty much as long as I need, our family will suffer as I was the primary breadwinner.  Paul is an engineer however, and we will, we must, find a way to make it work, because my new address is the children's hospital until my Rosie comes home. 

A little about my girl...she is ALREADY a miracle...due to injuries sustained while serving in the 82d Airborne Division (Airborne!  All the way!!!, I suffered nine miscarriages including the loss of twins; Rosie was conceived through in vitro fertilization.... Her father and my miracle.  Her father Mark even took another tour in Afghanistan to pay for the extensive costs.  While six tours and nine miscarriages eventually proved too hard for our marriage, we remain the best of friends and committed to our children. 

She was quiet from birth, with so much going on behind her eyes. She is creative, introspective, artistic and a dancer. I included some beautiful pics of our girl.  She loves shopkins, Star War, kylo ren and Luke sky walker; she loves dancing, animals  especially kitties.  She has the most gentle, sweet nature and I have had a spiritual bond with her from birth...we always know what the other is thinking.  Her long sleep has been an agony. 

But she is not only the daughter of a paratrooper, she is the daughter of the 75th Ranger Regiment, and that makes her ONE TOUGH COOKIE.  Don't let her girliness fool you one bit.  Her father has mobilized the Rangers, and they are putting together a site I'll link with one I am working on with Marsha.  One of the Rangers is a UFC fighter and has dedicated a fight to Rosie- he WON.  They are creating tee shirts that I'll tell you about once it's finalized, working fund raisers, and one ranger is publishing a book that he will dedicate part of the proceeds to Rosie.  And this is just the beginning.  Sua sponte!  Rangers lead the way!!!! 

We feel so blessed to have so many people pray and care for Rosie, from Boeing, to the 82d, to Regiment.  But we wanted to extended a special thank you to the regular people who jumped to help, to ALL the first responders, to Justin, Scott and everyone's name I am forgetting, the medics, firemen, flight nurses, police and just....everyone. 

I am going to get something going soon to update everyone on her progress, but right now the situation has been so fluid and dynamic is been hard- I've been told the first days are like this- I never thought I would ever find out. 

I have included some pictures of Rosie toes the ballerina, artist, friend, and beautiful daughter.  There are some other pictures of her now, but she is already doing better.



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